So today is the day we finally got to put up my specially designed Mairi Helena wallpaper for our feature wall in our Green living room.

Hip hip hooray! It’s been so exciting to be able to share this with you!

The addition of wallpaper to my Mairi Helena collection has very much been a direct result of planning and designing our living room interior, which has been an brilliant ride in itself. So I just thought I would take you through the processes behind the journey and what sparked the initial thoughts and ideas for my ‘Green Thistle‘ wallpaper.

The initial thoughts of custom living room wallpaper really came about after a long search both online, on location and in interior magazines… we had spent many evenings searching for a specific type of wallpaper we both had in mind for our living room feature wall… We were looking for designer…wallpaper….abstract..watercolour…artists palette…a few words which initially had sprung to mind for our green themed rustic room…

We raided my magazine and leaflet collection gathered from my visit to the Scottish Interior Showcase as well as visiting showrooms in Edinburgh. And although this led to the discovery of amazing soft furnishing wallpaper designs and fabulous and inspiring designers, the wallpapers we were coming across just didn’t quite tick the boxes for the particular style we were looking for…so my designer urge got the better of me and I decided to create my own!

Colours and design

I had created a mood board of colour ideas and styling for the room, which I had developed from my time spent at Interior Styling course at Central Saint Martins earlier in the month. From this, our living room colour scheme of 3 main colours emerged from which to design around:


laying a wooden floor and choosing colours for living room-15

We had also chosen a few items of furniture for the room which also influenced our living room colour choice and interior style.

Garscube for Printing3

And so with the colours dictated and initial design ideas circulating, I then immersed myself in my design studio busily creating a new Mairi Helena surface pattern from which a new living room wallpaper could develop.

And after much design deliberation, wallpaper sampling and colour testing, I very excitedly received my new Mairi Helena Green Thistle wallpaper delivery last week! And since then it’s been all guns blazing to get the new wallpaper up on our living room wall.

And Hey presto! – The Big Reveal of Our Green Living Room Feature Wall

A perfect photographic story telling opportunity…Here’s the step by step guide in photos of the green thistle wallpaper being hung in our living room:

living room design ideas

wallpapering the living room

how to wallpaper the living room

wallpaper living room

designing our living room

wallpaper the living room feature wall

wallpapering the living room

living room interior design feature wall

living room wallpaper ideas

designer wallpaper mairi helena

And here’s the finished article!

A Touch of Scotland for our very own living room GREEN THISTLE WALLPAPER feature wall.

now I can’t wait to start accessorising and styling that mantelpiece and the rest of the room!

I will be exhibiting my full Mairi Helena soft furnishings collection, including my Green Thistle Wallpaper later this year at the London Design Week. My collection is on show at both 100% Design at Olympia as well as Top Drawer, where I have been chosen to feature in their ‘SPOTTED’ section for emerging designers.

I’m extremely excited to be taking my soft furnishings to London Design Week!

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Please do feel free to leave comments below, I’d love to hear what you think. And stay tuned for the next instalment of our living room renovation project which will be concentrating on the details, styling and interior accessories – including styling that mantelpiece!!