Focus in on the details

Scotland’s landscapes are unspoilt and glorious. And it’s all about the textures, colours and natural patterns. Therefore don’t forget to focus in on the details and capture the flora and fauna. Look out for vibrant purple heathers, iconic Scottish thistles and yellow gorse.

photographs of scottish landscapes

Tell a story

Setting the scene helps to share the experience to the viewer and make the picture come to life. Sometimes it helps to consider yourself being like a travel journalist looking to sell the experience! Look for signs to help show your location or for example, look for interesting shop fronts or capture a working scene for example fishermen if visiting ports, or farmers with their working sheepdogs.

tarbert shop front isle of harris

Consider a different angle

Play around with your composition. Always move around and experiment with different heights when taking pictures. This helps you to get an interesting, unique view point. Consider photographing through long grasses, get down low or photograph against the blue skies for example.

photographing scotland's landscapes

Use a travel tripod

A travel tripod is a nifty trick. Especially useful for those dark night scenes when you’re relying on a long shutter speed. Particularly handy on Scotland’s West Coasts to capture those beautiful evening sunsets. I use a hama traveller tripod which comes in a handy carrier case. It’s good for small DSLRs and lenses but becomes a bit more limiting, the heavier your camera kit becomes.

scottish sunset landscape photography

Invest in a good camera bag

Having a bag where you can easily and conveniently stow away your camera is extremely handy, especially when photographing in Scotland in order to be prepared for the unpredictable weather! Having a practical backpack is a must in order to be prepared for those unpredictable Scottish downpours! (This picture is actually taken in France…that’s a bit unfair isn’t it!!) The one I use is a Lowpro flip side 200 backpack. It’s a nifty size and fits my DSLR body along with 3 lenses. I got mine from Amazon – they have a brilliant range, along with larger size camera bags also if you’re looking for something a little bigger.

camera bag lowpro

I hope that’s been a useful 5 tip pointer!