5 Different ways to Wear a Silk Scarf

A bit of fun today on the blog, while we play with different ways in which to wear a silk scarf!

Everyone always has a favourite way to wear their designer scarf. I think my favourite may be number 4!

I always love accessorising with a bold pair of sun glasses and dangly earrings. You can never be too glam!!

Number 1.

ShAWL Over the head

Glamorous and elegant

silk scarf design puffin edinburgh designer


Number 2.

Around the shoulders

Flowing and informal

pink silk scarf tartan Scotland

 Number 3.

tie it like a hairband!

Trendy and Hip!

silk scarf fashion scotland

Number 4.

neckerchief style

Smart but Casual

luxury silk scarf scottish design

Number 5.

fashionably draped around the neck

Stylish and relaxed

silk scarves mairi helena edinburgh-32

Just a few thoughts and ideas as we approach the summery months and we are hopefully all reaching for our silk scarves to keep us cool, sophisticated and glamorous! If you’d like to view more of my Mairi Helena silk scarves then please do pop by my SILK SCARF SHOP where you can see my Spring Summer collection in full.

And do let me know your own particular favourite way to wear your silk scarf!

I look forward to hearing from you!