Photograph a space:

Take a photograph of a room you are decorating prior to making ant decisions as to where to place furniture . This way you will look at the space more objectively before you start planning the interior.

Decorating the home

Wicker furniture:

Wicker can help to lighten the mood and bring the outdoors in. Put it in a sunny corner or mix with upholstery.

Decorating the Home

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Go natural:

Beach combing can provide with wonderful, unexpected finds which can add a rustic feel to your interior. For example a rugid shell can warm up a stairway or entrance hall an introduce a relaxed, coastal theme.

Home Decorating Tips

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Crafty lampshades:

Adding your own decor to store bought lamps can really brighten the room and boast your own creative stamp

Crafty Lampshades

Mirror effect:

Define a space by adding an eye catching mirror to introduce drama and light

Styling the Home

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Cluster candles:

Clustering candles can really emphasize the mood. The larger the surface, to larger the candles should be. Remember to differ the heights.

Home Decorating Tips

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Favourite colours:

When choosing your interior decor, pick you favourite colours rather than those that are fashionable at the time. This way, you will create a scheme that you love and enjoy living with

Styling the home

Small spaces:

Embrace a small room and go for a bold bright colour to add impact.

DIY Home Decorating Tips

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Hang plates:

Plates in different texture, sizes and patterns can make a very fresh wall art arrangement. Place the most dramatic plate in the centre.

Home Decorating Tips

And finally…

Consider adding a ‘touch of tartan’ to create a contemporary but sophisticated ‘Highland Look’ for your country home interior! Look no further than

Scottish Interior Design, Wall Art


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