Seriously…how have I not tried wall stencilling before now.

We have bought a Moroccan wall stencil in order to apply a geometric pattern onto our bathroom wall, in keeping with our desire to produce a Moroccan bathroom theme.

moroccan wall stencil bathroom

Applying this wall stencil to the walls..IS THE MOST AMAZING FUN!

If you’re looking for a creative, experimental, rewarding, entertaining, fun and crafty activity, then

I recommend you consider wall stencilling.  

It’s brilliant for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, you can spend hours of fun looking at the most amazing website ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO where there is not only the most amazing selection of stencils but also plenty of photographs showing trend ways in which wall stencils can add such a sophisticated, cool look to various types of interiors
  • You don’t need much equipment – once you’ve got your wall stencil, you really just need some paint, adhesive spray glue and a roller and off you go

applying a moroccan wall stencil

morrocan wall stencil ideas

  • You can create the most amazing, eye catching feature walls for minimal amount of effort
  • You can use the stencil over and over again to create different looks in different rooms, with different paints
  • You can create shimmery effects if you use metallic paints, and quickly add a sense of opulence and intricate detail

stencilling with gold paint

  • If your feeling extra confident with your creative cut out abilities and are looking for a bespoke stencil, maybe a personalised message for example, then there’s nothing stopping you from cutting out and creating your own!
  • There’s a huge feeling of reward and satisfaction when you peel off the stencil to reveal your print, it’s the absolute best for an immediate sense of creative achievement. FACT.

bathroom wall stencils

moroccan style wall decor

applying wall stencils in the bathroom

  • And finally, because there is nothing better than just simply spending time having soooooo much creative fun in the interior decorating process

morrocan yellow bathroom paint ideas

Now I’ve finished the bathroom, I’m casting my quizzical eye over the remainder of our unfinished walls in the house, to see where I can try out some more!

There’s no stopping me now…

yellow bathroom walls