Finding Out Your Interior Design Style 

I am not long back from a inspiring trip to London town! Being a country girl born and bred, I’m always super excited to a trip to the BRIGHT LIGHTS AND THE BIG CITY…. and I have loved my most recent adventures down there… and I am now pumped full of new inspiration and ideas for applying my own interior design style to my home projects.

During my time there, I have been completely swept up in the world of interiors and styling thanks to a combination of Liberty London browsing, a trip to the Ideal Homes Show at Olympia, participation in a Central Saint Martins ‘Interior Styling Course at Richbell Place and a trip to Chelsea Design Centre!  A perfect opportunity to have been completely immersed in interior design, fabrics, colours, interior styling, swatches, wallpapers and furniture. In fact, there is just so much to see when it comes to interiors! As an enthusiast for all things design, this exposure to so much material can be wonderful and inspiring. However, equally it can be very daunting and very easily overwhelming with just how much choice is out there!

My recent trip to Central Saint Martins Interior Styling Course has made me realise that it is SO important in the busy world of design to spend time finding out your own style.

I just wanted to share with you an activity that I have recently carried out from my styling course, which has helped me greatly in defining my own interior style. As a result, this has helped me develop my own home interior and design projects.

Develop a Mood Board Which Tells Your Own Story

interior and homes magazines

If you’re needing an excuse to justify buying a healthy supply of new interior magazines, then here’s the perfect occasion! One of my recent tasks on my Central Saint Martins course was to create a mood board which could represent you as a person. Rather than trying to pick out furniture you like, wallpapers or physical accessories from what seems like a never ending google search on Pinterest or Google…then focus on trying to find images from magazines that you can relate too that helps to narrate your own journey down on paper. For example, if your background is painting, you may want to add a picture of a paintbrush. If you’re good at sewing, perhaps a picture of a sewing machine. If you’ve travelled or spent a lot of time in a country which may have influenced you, then you may wish to add a picture that represents your journey(s). If there are any pictures of interiors that appeal to you then tear them out! It’s funny how quickly a repeating theme (whether this may be colour for example) appears in the images you are naturally drawn too! Yes my friend, you are one step closer already to discovering your own interior design style!

interior magazines

Even if there are buzz words that see, collect them and stick them down! Very quickly through doing this exercise, it’s amazing to see how quickly a natural style develops.

This is my board below, which shows my journey from my veterinary roots, through to my photography, along with some words and phrases that I related too.

moodboard making

Interior Styling course

Messages that I took away from my personal mood board:

  • My colours are pinks, purples, oranges, ochres, moss tones and yellows
  • I am influenced by the countryside and wildlife around me
  • I like taking the outdoors in!
  • I love the rustic look and I’m drawn to texture
  • I enjoy being practical and have a ‘hands on’ approach to home interiors

Perhaps I knew this deep down, but creating a board to help identify these points has helped me greatly. In particular for me it was finding my colours.

It maybe through carrying out this exercise, that you find your unique offering when it comes to interiors. For example, you may want to only work in pastels, you may always want to add a personally drawn art piece or maybe you identify a flower that signifies your style and always appears in your room sets, something that becomes your trademark.

Interior styling

For me, this has definitely helped me to make choices when creating mood boards for my interior designing styling projects.

And now it’s your turn!

I hope it helps you too!

Do let me know how you get on and feel free to leave a comment below!