It took a while to decide what the source of the inspiration would be for my new fabric and wallpaper collection. Thoughts came and went, ideas trialled, designs pondered and themes debated. And after long spells of contemplation and the phrase ‘you’re only as good as your last design’ ringing in my ears….one day it just suddenly came to me while out for a walk in my favourite hills. The answer for the theme of my new collection was right under my nose all that time.

Introducing my new fabric and wallpaper collection  ‘Homelands’

Homelands, a collection of fabrics and wallpapers inspired by my favourite local landscapes in which to spend time in. From the weatherbeaten coastlines of the Outer Hebrides, to the rolling Trossachs valleys to the meandering rivers that flow through the lands here in the Lothians.

My Homelands collection comprises seven new designs across fabrics and wallpapers which have all been inspired by textures, colours and patterns that I have enjoyed photographing in my favourite environments.

Here’s a little insight behind each design…


Island Botanist 

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-22

Above: Mairi Helena Island Botanist Wallpaper from her new ‘Homelands’ Collection

Island Botanist is inspired by distillery trails along Scotland’s West Coast shorelines. From the peaty lands of the Isle of Islay and beyond…

Last year we had a lovely few days camping on the Isle of Islay and had the opportunity to walk along the Three Distilleries Walk from Port Ellen, taking in tours past the famous peaty whisky distilleries Laphraoig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg. Admittedly, I don’t have a huge taste for whisky(!) but on this particular occasion, the peaty scents, malted barley, casks, kilns and copper alchemy seemed to get under my skin. Perhaps you could say I was whisked away by the distillery story! Mixing this with the wonderful blue Isle of Islay waters and dancing flora found along our island walks, my new fabric and wallpaper design Island Botanist arose!

Isle of Islay Scotland Adventures -35

Isle of Islay Scotland Adventures -53


Hebridean Homeland 

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-34

Above: Mairi Helena Hebridean Homeland Wallpaper and Velvet Fabric from her new ‘Homelands’ Collection

Where the heart beats, along the weatherbeaten shorelines of the diverse archipelago. Rugged and wild yet charismatically charming.

I love spending time in the Hebrides ‘island hopping‘, whether that be on beautiful Iona or Mull in the Inner Hebrides or on to Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Any opportunity to take in the fresh sea air and sit watching the splashing of waves on Iona’s ‘Bay at the Back’ while watching the spectacular sun set and I’m there! My new wallpaper and fabric design ‘Hebridean Homeland’ is inspired by many island adventures such as these.

Isle of Islay Scotland Adventures -64


Whispering Bramble

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-39

Above: Mairi Helena Whispering Bramble Fabric and Wallpaper from her new collection ‘Homelands’

Inspired by wild hedgerows and entangled undergrowth along the meandering course of the River Almond.

Not far from my base here in Edinburgh, flows the River Almond as it courses from it’s roots in Lanarkshire to it’s draining into the Firth of Forth. My fabric and wallpaper design ‘Whispering Bramble’ has been inspired from our regular walks along the river banks through the seasons, from East Calder to Mid Calder and on to Cramond. And so it’s true, sometimes design inspiration can literally be found on your very own doorstep!



Crossing Tides

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-27

Above: Mairi Helena Crossing Tides Wallpaper from her new collection ‘Homelands’

A changing of the tides brings beach comb discoveries, washed ashore amongst the gentle foaming waves.

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-42

Above: Mairi Helena Crossing Tides Velvet Fabric from her new collection ‘Homelands’

Crossing Tides celebrates shoreline discoveries and beach combing delights!

Ardnamurchan Camping -68


Deer Stalker

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-17

Above: Mairi Helena Deer Stalker Wallpaper from her new collection ‘Homelands’

A break in the trees in the woodland at Glenfinnan. There stood a majestic stag for all to see. Graceful, beautiful, inspiring. 

Ardnamurchan Camping -108

A memorable moment during a walk on the way home from a West Coast camping trip, (very close to the famous Harry Potter steam train that chugs it’s way over the Glenfinnan viaduct ! – Otherwise known as The Jacobite). Sometimes design’s are triggered by a snap shot moment!


Glen Voil

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-25

Above: Mairi Helena Glen Voil Wallpaper from her new collection ‘Homelands’

A crisp walk along the patterned valley sides of Loch Voil in the Trossachs. Inspiring landscapes and colours, captured and translated into repeat.

Mairi Helena Explore Scotland -27

Inspired by a picturesque New Year’s Day Winter walk. The snow laden branches and forests of which almost looked liked velvet in their own right. Inspiration is all around, even when you think you’re not looking for it.


Highland Tundra

Mairi Helena New 2018 Homelands wallpaper collection-18

Above: Mairi Helena Highland Tundra Wallpaper from her new collection ‘Homelands’

Inspired by the vast beaches and scattered tree lines along Scotland’s West Coast. Beautiful wilderness, outstretching sands, quietly abstract.

Isle of Islay Scotland Adventures -15

I’ve always found something special about spending time on Scotland’s isolated beaches. They’re calming, soothing, and relaxing places to spend time. Highland Tundra has been inspired by the quiet, unspoilt scenery of Scotland’s beach coastlines. Favourite beaches I recommend you check out via Visit Scotland include Sanna Bay, Silver Sands in Arisaig and of course the beautiful Luskentyre sands of the Isle of Harris.



So there we go, seven new designs across fabrics (both velvet and linen by the metre) and wallpaper, I hope you like them! Let me know which is your favourite? I would love to hear!

If you would like to view my complete range of fabrics and wallpapers, as well as my lampshades and cushions, then you can do so by checking out my Mairi Helena online shop!

Any questions about my designs, please do not hesitate to ask by getting in touch!

Until next time….