So why textile wall hangings?!!

It was really as a result of staring at several empty stark wall spaces in our home as well as a few very interesting conversations about wall art decor and bespoke textiles, that first sparked the concept of creating luxury embellished textile wall hangings from my Mairi Helena fabric.

Having created numerous photographic prints and with each, investigated various processes of finding different ways to mount, frame and show off pictures and prints (as seen recently with creation of our gallery wall in our bedroom  – please read if you’re looking for the ultimate excuse to gleefully paint frames in gold metallic!!!!)…..

creating a picture gallery wall

……….the idea of a textile wall hanging suddenly became an interesting alternative to the traditional frame and mount.

 No frame. No glass. No mount.

I wanted to add more texture, a feature (and yes maybe it’s another excuse for a bit of gold shimmery detail…I do love a bit of gold!) but also something a little bit different to act as a strong art backdrop and tie in with our bold Pink Thistle Wallcovering.


And so this idea of creating a bespoke fabric textile wall hanging, effectively a textile tapestry, led me on a fantastic creative journey. From discovering the most amazing Edinburgh print studios to locating Edinburgh’s best art shops as well as the opportunity to get inventive with screen print and printing onto textiles.

Bespoke handmade luxury home furnishings Mairi Helena-26

The quest to produce an innovative wall hanging has allowed me to combine my screen printing, textile printing, textile sampling and exploring printed textile embellishment techniques in order to produce:


So there’s a bit of the background. And now to the important bit….

here are 5 ways in which

velvet wall hangings can enhance a wall space and add a bit of luxury in your home!


There’s something comforting about velvet, it oozes coziness and at the same time makes you feel a little bit extravagant…

and I’m all for feeling a little bit extravagant!!!


It’s an effective way to cover what can be a large, vast emptiness with a sudden and strong impact of bold, bright colour


It adds a bit of movement, a little bit less static than solid frames against a heavy living room wall


It adds texture and you can’t help but reach out to touch the velvet every time you pass!

number five

Because of the GOLD. Yes, textile wall hangings allow you to bring in a little bit of shimmer, which catches the light and makes the room feel sparkly and alive.

Upcycling furniture-15

And it is because of these 5 reasons, in my humble opinion, that I believe everyone should consider a fabric wall hanging for their home! It’s all about the luxury decor!


And having been on such an interesting journey, I thought I would share with you a little bit more behind the creating and making of a Mairi Helena textile wall hanging. So here’s a few photographic records showcasing the processes, motions and stages of creating my bespoke velvet wall art pieces.


The Journey

The starting point: I head down to my local print studio with my roll of printed velvet fabric.

Bespoke handmade luxury home furnishings Mairi Helena-25

I prepare my screen print with my thistle and tartan design

Bespoke handmade luxury home furnishings Mairi Helena-27

I gather my gold embellishments…plenty of them!!

gold metallic

Bespoke handmade luxury home furnishings Mairi Helena-28

I start to screen print….

screen printing textile wall hangings bespoke

and screen print…

screen printer edinburgh

and print a little more…

screen printing edinburgh

And once satisfied with the level of gold detailing, it’s time for the sewing…

making a mairi helena wall hanging-3

and the pinning..

making a mairi helena wall hanging-4 making a mairi helena wall hanging-6

And once the textile wall hanging has been lined, sewn and pressed…

Mairi helena wall hangings-1

It’s time to find that big wall space and hang it up on the wall!

Mairi helena wall hangings-2

And once the wall space is decided upon………it’s time get the ladders out and hoist it up for all to see!

…well you’ll just have to WAIT AND SEE for the GRAND REVEAL soon to be published!!!

Yes, you’ll just need to keep your eyes peeled!!

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