How can I add more colour into my interior? How do I freshen up my interior? How can I be more bold?

A few example questions when being asked for ideas on how to add my colourful textiles range ‘Mairi Helena‘ into the home. When it comes to interiors and creating colourful spaces, believe me there is so much fun to be had with colour!

mairi helena golden blush thistle velvet fabric, mood board inspiration


It’s a wonderful feeling to be faced with an empty room in which to decorate, it’s like a blank canvas…suddenly you have the tools to create an art piece in front of you and with it you can create anything you like! You can create your own look, be your own stamp, experiment with your favourite tones…the colour world can be your oyster.


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An exercise that can really help to pin down your interior style and favourite colours is creating your own mood board. In my view, it’s a essential starting point to help you identify your paint colours, fabric choices and finishes. Whether you use Pinterest or prefer the process of getting stuck in with the glue and glossy interior mags, the art of creating some kind of board which helps you to draw together ideas and styles I think is a key starting block when approaching a room make over of any kind. Pinning colours and laying them next to each other can be so beneficial when trying to visualise the overall look. I try not to stop at paint colours, fabrics and furniture but instead look at textures that are inspiring, materials that sit well with each other, words that are meaningful and photographs of..well anything really. I find this not only helps to pull everything together but gives you more ideas when styling and decorating the room.


Adding colour into a room doesn’t always necessarily mean we have to paint the walls in bold colour tones. We can be clever and subtle with colour by introducing carefully selected hues to play alongside a neutral backdrop. Greys are a popular choice on the walls for many people, creating a very liveable, relaxing and sophisticated room interior. Greys and neutrals in my mind set up a perfect opportunity to introduce a very colourful array of soft furnishings and accessories in which to style the room.

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Mairi Helena Grey Tailor Thistle Velvet Feather Cushion with Summer Thistle (right) and Fire Thistle (left) in view behind!


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Here a neutral wall works as a wonderful backdrop to the vibrancy of the orange velvet sofa and colourful Mairi Helena Velvet Feather cushions – adding a bit of art for the sofa!

The greys work cleverly in the background creating a relaxed feel while the accents of colour provided by accessories such as statement velvet cushions help draw everything together.


A wonderful trio. All work hand in hand. Our Mairi Helena wallpaper designs are full of textures and colours found in the landscapes, building together layers of unique tones and patterns to create an intriguing print for the home.

mairi helena harris green thistle wallpaper

Here we’ve created a statement feature wall around the fireplace in Harris Green Thistle. Concentrating on greens and the leafy flora and fauna of Scotland, we aim with this design to help bring a little bit of the outdoors in!

mairi helena harris green thistle lampshade

Mairi Helena Harris Green Thistle Lampshade


The clever thing about colour is that by introducing a second accent colour into the mix, you can completely change the look of a room.

mairi helena wallpaper for the kitchen. Creating a contemporary feature wall in the kitchen

Here we could have placed our Bronze Flush Thistle Wallpaper next to a harmonious grey or blue painted wall. However, by picking up a lighter ochre yellow highlight within the pattern we’ve chosen to go for a complimenting colour which really helps to create a stand out feature wall!


So, always experiment with colour. Start by playing with colours that you’re drawn too. Often looking in your own wardrobe gives you an idea of the colours you tend to gravitate too. Place them on a board. Give yourself a base neutral and introduce one or two accent colours. Find textures, photographs, perhaps objects in the home that you’re inspired by. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a style comes together and fresh ideas for a new room interior is developed.

Start painting your own picture, explore your style and the interior world is very much your oyster.

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Mairi Helena is a textile designer and photographer based in Edinburgh. Her bold, contemporary print collection promises to bring an uplifting splash of colour to any living space! Browse the Mairi Helena collection online to view the range of velvet feather cushions, fabric by the metre, statement lampshades and wall coverings.

All products are printed in the UK and made both here in Stirling and Edinburgh. Supporting sustainable methods of production is something which is of vital importance to the Mairi Helena brand!