I’ve been having a good old chat on the blog recently about ‘how to gain more confidence with choosing colours for your walls‘ as well as how to ‘colour your home happy‘.

bathroom wall stencils

So now we’re striking up the razzmatazz of your room interior by playing with textures and patterns.

I find as soon as you are able to inject texture into the room, it immediately makes your living space more tactile and more interesting. All of a sudden your interiors flourish and spring to life!

Adding texture to your interiors can be carried out in so many ways. For example, through considering patterns (whether that’s large or small patterns or contrasting patterns) as well as taking time to consider the types of materials and finishes you’d like to have in your home.

For this post, I’ve decided to focus on introducing textures and patterns through styling the sofa!

And so I have been casting my camera lens over sumptuous sofas which show the power of mix and match. I wanted to sit feather next to fabric, pattern next to plain, disrupt the obvious and find out just how to create that WOW effect.

So here are 3 style combinations that I have captured recently which help to create a SOFA WITH A TALKING POINT.



mairi helena blogger luxury interiors

luxury cushions to style the sofa

I spotted this luxurious sofa styling set up in Jeffrey’s Interior Showroom in Edinburgh (check out my recent blog post here for more pics!) I just LOVE the way they’ve combined the fluffy textures of the fabulous throw with the vibrant velvet cushions sat on top of a corduroy sofa. We’ve got a burst of pattern with a glorious Christian Lacroix cushion which together with the bold cushions and feathery throw, just oozes style, comfort and sophistication.




interior photography cushions

A really simple but effective way of introducing lots of texture is to mix up the patterns within a chosen colour palette. Especially good if you have a neutral, quieter colour scheme which you would like to introduce pattern and texture into the mix. Also consider different finishes – mix the silky smooth with the coarser, chunkier fabric finishes as featured below.

cushions and interiors photographing interiors



mairi helena colourful thistle cushions styling the sofa

Yes, you may recognise a flash of Mairi Helena Scottish Thistle velvet cushions above spread out on this striking velvet green sofa from the fabulous Pink House Living room (featured here in my Top 4 Awe Inspiring Interior Bloggers!) Experiment with bold colour on colour. I just love how the fresh, bright green of this wonderful velvet sofa acts as a brilliant striking backdrop for my velvet thistle cushions to pop!

Here’s another example of velvet patterned cushions sitting proudly against a brilliantly bold velvet sofa. Look at these striking cushions from GP&J Baker Rio Velvet collection:

striking home accessories

And just while we’re on the subject of velvet cushions…I thought I’d throw in another just for the mix, with my Mairi Helena ‘pink thistle’ velvet cushions!

mairi helena pink thistle velvet cushions on velvet sofa, styling the sofa


I hope the above has inspired you to MIX UP THE PATTERNS AND STRIKE UP THE TEXTURES! 

It’s certainly turned my attention to sofa styling and I’m now on a mission to capture more – keep your eyes posted for more sofa styling tips as I now seem to have caught the bug!

Do let me know how you get on with your own sofa styling stories by leaving a comment below!