We’ve started our own little home interior design project in our flat in Edinburgh!

Just to recap for those lovely viewers who may be new to the blog: we moved into our new flat in October last year and it’s been a brilliant renovation and styling project for us. This is our first home and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in with renovations.


If you’ve been following the blog, then you’ll know that we have been excitedly renovating our LIVING ROOM! It’s been brilliant fun, and even although we haven’t quite finished the living room….(and we’ve also started work on our Moroccan bathroom)….we have got so spurred on with the renovating and interior design bug that we have also started focusing our attention on our BEDROOM! So we thought we would give you a..



Our initial ideas for the master bedroom makeover and interior decorating came from a mood board which I developed back in March, having spent a wonderful four days at Central Saint Martins Interior Styling course (read more about this here!) with a bunch of fellow creatives.

design ideas for the bedroom

We wanted to incorporate my Mairi Helena Pink Thistle Wallpaper and cushions into our master bedroom and therefore the design style and bedroom colour ideas evolved mainly from my printed pink thistle textile design.

We also were keen to have a statement piece large gold mirror as well as a striking antique style chair or sofa (upholstered in Mairi Helena fabric of course!!)

My initial thoughts had been to paint the bedroom walls in a complementing ochre, both for it’s warmth as well as it’s bright summery intensity. Our bedroom has lots of sloping walls due to it being right up in the eves of the roof. We were conscious to stick to lighter brighter colours in order to make it an inviting space. However, perhaps this was the safe, more obvious choice of colour for the walls….

…As the more we stared at our bedroom mood board, the more we were enticed to go with a contrasting blue, inspired by the natural teal blue from the Sea Holly thistles themselves, from which my ‘Pink Thistle’ pattern takes it’s influences. We wanted to set off the wall paper and cushions against a striking background and make the COLOURS POP! 

So off we trotted again to the paint shop in order to get tester paint pots of both blues and ochres in order to try to choose a colour for the bedroom.

bedroom colour ideas

And we ended coming back with 6 different shades of blue compared to 2 yellow ochre paint colour choices…so it looked like maybe the blue colour choice was winning?

And this was the colour we opted for:

painting the bedroom blue


We’ve decided to GO BOLD AND GO BLUE!

And after many days spent scrapping off the old wallpaper, re-plastering and re-lining with new lining paper…..

scraping wallpaper

We can eventually start painting our bedroom walls! HURRAH!!

Here’s some pictures of the bedroom as we put the blue paint on the bedroom walls for the very first time:

bedroom paint colour ideas

painting the bedroom teal blue

Richard painted the tricky bits:

painting the bedroom blue-2

painting the bedroom blue-3

And I was trusted with the larger walls:

painting the bedroom walls

And everything was going really well!

bedroom paint colour ideas

Until I dropped the paint pot and split it on the freshly painted skirting boards…(sorry Richard!)

painting the bedroom blue-13

bedroom colour ideas

Time for a refreshment break I think!

We’re really looking forward to applying the second coat and then onto wallpapering the bedroom feature wall in my PINK THISTLE WALLPAPER TOMORROW!

A photographic journey on the adventures of hanging our bedroom wallpaper will follow on the blog very soon, I can’t wait to share it with you!

In the meantime…what do you think about our bold blue?! Do feel free to leave a comment below!