Last Thursday I was given a blogger’s invite to the one and only annual ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOW at Ingliston, set with a task to seek out Ekornes, a Norwegian furniture company specialising in designer chairs and recliners.

I love a trip to the Highland Show and I’m always intrigued to find out more about new innovative design within the interior world, and so armed with sunglasses, pennies for the tram and my trusty camera, I set out on my way.

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Thursday it turned out was an absolutely beautiful day to be out and about, the sun was out in full, beautiful blue skies and whispy clouds. A perfect day to be on a blogging mission.

meadow flowers

And while tracking down the Ekornes stand, I happily discovered the day old chicks in the Tesco tent…, watched the indian runner ducks being skilfully herded in the ‘Countryside crafts’ arena, tried not to get distracted by the amazing horns of the Scottish Blackface rams or the smell or the Arbroath smokies…

ekornes stressless uk -4

or the tempting foodie tasters in the food hall..

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….I may have spent a bit too long (and too much money) in the arts and crafts tent….and after all that I was definitely in need of a relaxing seat…

blogging at the highland show

WHICH I SPOTTED as I discovered the Ekornes stand, a Norwegian furniture company who are a leading innovator when it comes to producing sofas and recliners with comfort at the forefront.

So I was intrigued. Just what makes this particular brand of furniture one of the leaders when it comes to design for comfort?

Time to start asking the questions..

Here’s what I found out about Stressless UK.


Ekornes has been established since 1934 and so they are very much a well established brand within the industry. One thing that’s very apparent is their strive for always producing new designs and inventing new systems to give your body the best sitting experience!!

I hadn’t quite realised just how much attention to detail must be addressed to produce a chair which provides the ultimate comfort.

Ekornes has this very much at the heart of their ethos.

So what’s their secret? Why gives them the drive for producing such chairs with comfort in mind? What triggers stressless sitting?

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NORWAY has a lot to do with it I found out! Alongside the materials, the design and innovation, at the heart of it all lies the strong influences from the majestic Norwegian landscapes.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Norway when I was younger, and I remember taking in the grand, towering, majestic peaks of the fjords. They seemed to soar into the skies, they took your breath away with their monumental presence. Gazing out into the fjord landscapes certainly did make you feel at ease, stress free…I can see why Ekornes have developed their Stressless brand of furniture as a result.

So just how do stressless furniture provide optimum comfort?

ekornes stressless uk -15

Well, I’ve discovered it’s all about the foam, which lets you sink deeper into the seat, as well as sophisticated springs and clever design systems to support you’re head and lower back. Not forgetting the high supreme soft leather..

comfortable furniture

ekornes stressless uk -23

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And all this comes with such ease, there’s no buttons or levers, more really a glide system which automatically adjusts to your body weight, or what’s referred to as the ‘BalanceAdapt‘. Clever really.

Even travelling down to the base of the chair, the attention to detail continues. A circular base allowing for swivelling round in a full circle!

ekornes stressless uk -18

And the best bit really is that you can pick your wood frame and leather colour…beige is Ekornes best seller:

ekornes stressless uk -11

but I’m all about the red!!

ekornes stressless uk -20

And it doesn’t just stop at chairs and recliners – fancy a swivel table, computer table, ottoman or foot rest – Ekornes have it covered!

ekornes stressless uk -13

So if you’re looking for a touch of the classic and elegant and where comfort is of upmost importance, then Ekornes certainly can provide!

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Thank you Royal Highland Show! You are a constant source of inspiration! From luxury interiors to crafting, eating, showing, learning, watching as well as the buying…you’ve got it all in one! Next year is in the diary!

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