So I’m just back from a whirlwind stop 28 hours in Paris to visit the super swish show Maison et Objet held at Paris Nord Villepinte. It’s a design show that’s very much been on my ‘must visit list’ for a while now. Held biannually in January and September, I’ve previously eagerly taken in the action via social media or through talking to colleagues describing their experiences, listening green with envy. Well this year, I bit the bullet, booked tickets to the prestigious design show and on Saturday found myself flying my way from Edinburgh to Charles de Gaulle with a huge surge of anticipation and excitement. And wow did it not disappoint!

maison et objet

Above: Exploring Maison et Objet; Highlights, Exhibitors Judeco

If you are a design enthusiast, wish to seek out luxury interior brands, take in the latest evolving consumer trends, addicted to fabric & furniture or simply want to soak in an inspiring design experience then Maison et Objet is THE place to go. With not one, not two but a total of EIGHT different expansive halls all showcasing the latest stylish design trends and luxury home accessories, this show encompasses both interior decoration, retail, luxury, design and architecture.

missoni showroom maison et objet

Above: Exploring Hall 8 at Maison et Objet, Highlights, showroom by Missoni 

With halls named ‘Eclectic’, ‘Cosy’ and ‘Elegant’ you know you are going to be in the right place to be swept away by gorgeous, stylish, luxurious interiors. But it’s the attention to detail, the scale, the smell, the swish sophistication that all comes together to help create such a bespoke experience, that’s really quite unique. It very much is a truly magical experience and I’m not sure if I can fully describe it in words to do it justice. For those who couldn’t be there in person, I hope that my photos that I snapped away on my phone below capture and convey some of the design show magic!

fancy home collection

Above: Maison et Objet exhibitors, Highlights, ‘Fancy Home Collection’

maison et objet showrooms 2018

Above: Maison et Objet cosmopolitan luxury exhibitors, Highlights ‘Van Roon Living’

ceramica ceilo

Above: Maison et Objet exploring Hall 8, Highlights, Exhibitors Ceramica Cielo 

maison et objet highlights

Above: Beautiful sweeping lines and design harmony at Maison et Objet 2018

And to top it all off, going on simultaneously in the ‘tres joli’ Parisian streets is a true showcase of interiors….. Paris Deco Off, described as a ‘render-vous’ of international interior designers and decoration editors’, or in my own words a textile lovers discovery of delight!

paris deco off exploring highlights of 2018

Above: The famous linen lampshades that line the streets of Paris during Paris Deco Off

This showcase of the finest brands of textiles and trimmings, fabrics & furnishings and wonderful wallpapers is a unique design event not to be missed. I’ve heard about the famous linen lampshades that are strung above the participating showrooms across the city, marking the pathway between one exquisite showcase of interiors to another. And this year I finally got to soak it all in. Here are some of the designer fabrics and luxury wallpapers that caught my eye.

pierre frey paris designer luxury fabrics

Above: Exploring Paris Deco Off 2018, Highlights, Pierre Frey Showroom

casamance fabrics

Above: Exploring Paris Deco Off 2018, Highlights, Beautiful mood boards from Casamance Showroom

cole and sons designer wallpaper new collection

Above: Exploring Paris Deco Off 2018, Highlights, New Cole & Sons Wallpaper collection in Collaboration with Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Karin Sajo Showroom paris deco off

Above: Exploring Paris Deco Off 2018, Highlights, Karin Sajo Pop Up Showroom

designers guild showroom

Above: Exploring Paris Deco Off 2018, Highlights, ‘Designers Guild‘ Showroom

A whirlwind 28 hours in Paris! So much to see, so much to inspire, so much to digest! Paris you are a true delight. Next year I’m coming back for more!!!

paris deco off linen lampshades