It’s the final week of The Great Interior Design Challenge (yes how did that happen already?!!!) and I’m extremely excited as have you heard? – The final contestants for the first time this year are going to be battling over kitchens!! Bring it on – hands up who’s been watching?!! It’s been a fab series so far including heated discussions over the colour PEACH, controversial bird cages (it got my vote!), gentlemen’s club art deco, OSB board, quirky creative challenges (contestant creative coat hanger challenge was my personal favourite!) and a lot of ingenious painting effects.

….I actually applied to be a contestant for this series – ( help – that could have been a classic case of fish out of water when faced with a looming tv camera!) But it would have been fun none the less. Instead I have been watching gleefully from the comfort of my sofa and getting right into the action and willing this years contestants on as they get stuck in with spray paint, staple guns and up cycling challenges. It’s living up to all expectations!

And with the exciting news that decorating A KITCHEN is going to be included for the first time and could well be the star of the show for this Thursday’s final, I thought I would reveal to you our very kitchen interior which we have been working on over the last month or so. Essentially we are doing our very own Great Interior Design Challenge from the comfort of our very own home. No tricky home owners, no scary judges, no coat hanger creative challenges to contemplate (although secretly I would quite like that!) plus with the added bonus that you get to live in the room at the end of it.


Back in October, I blogged about ‘3 Colourful style ideas for Kitchen Decoration‘ involving choices of themes including tranquility with pastels, cool contemporary and tropical hues. 3 different room interior ideas for 3 very different looking kitchens..

Well shortly after writing that post, we discovered Anthropology’s russet measuring cups….and that pretty much secured our decision and we opted for….

cool contemporary:

mood boards for kitchen styling ideas for colourful kitchen interiors

Mixing gold, metallic palettes against the oak grain wood worktops. Introducing copper lighting accessories and mixing textures such as glass and sheepskin seating accessories to bring a very contemporary looking kitchen.

mood boards for kitchen styling ideas for colourful kitchen interiors

And so we mulled over the Farrow and Ball paint chart with our new found kitchen theme in mind, contemplated ‘Yellow Ground’, went back and forth over ‘Indian Summer’ and then finally concluded on ‘Sudbury Yellow’ with ‘Farrow’s Cream’ on the ceiling and sloping ceilings..

mairi helena wallpaper for the kitchen. Creating a contemporary feature wall in the kitchen

We had little hiccups along the way…but as it’s not on TV we can blissfully glide over these….and focus on the exciting parts, like putting up our contemporary feature wall using my new ‘Bronze Flush Wallpaper’!

Mairi Helena Flay-3

And after lots of kitchen layout deliberating, floor choosing, paint applying and tap fitting, we have a new kitchen to reveal!

And so in true Great Interior Design Challenge style, here is


kitchen layout interiors

kitchen layout interiors


*Cue* The Great Interior Design Challenge music for the room reveal:

mairi helena wallpaper for the kitchen. Creating a contemporary feature wall in the kitchen

We have opened up the kitchen to incorporate a further window, allowing the sunlight to stream in to our little bar seating area. We’ve painted in Farrow and Ball Sudbury Yellow and Farrow’s Cream to add warmth and glow. We’ve created a prominent feature wall using my Mairi Helena Bronze Flush Thistle wallpaper, the bronzes and golds within the wallpaper we have highlighted with copper and and metallic accessories including Tom Dixon tea light holders (thanks to the lovely Amara Interior Blog Awards!), our copper ViJ5 light from Lifestory Edinburgh and glass hexagon from Curiouser and Curiouser (of which I plan to find a suitable air plant to place in it! Air plants I’ve discovered are about the only house plant I can look after with it’s occasional scoosh of water every now and again! )

mairi helena wallpaper for the kitchen. Creating a contemporary feature wall in the kitchen

Here are our russet measuring cups from Anthropologie – LOVE THEM! This is what triggered our punt to the cool contemporary theme….now cue rearranging of the cookbooks into colour coding order…

mairi helena wallpaper for the kitchen. Creating a contemporary feature wall in the kitchen

And all that’s left to do know is find some fluffy throws for our kitchen stools to add a bit of texture! In the meantime I shall try to mimic the look with expert draping of a fluffy scarf…..you get the idea…

Marks out of 10? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

I hope you enjoy and remember to tune into The Great Interior Design Challenge on tonight and tomorrow at 8pm!

STAtement feature wall TAKING YOUR FANCY?

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