Inspired by travels around Scotland’s iconic peaks, majestic Munros and lochsides, I’m excited to announce my new Mairi Helena collection of wallpapers for 2019,  ‘The Explorer Collection’. 

There are eight wallpapers within my Explorer Wallpaper Collection and I’d love to share a little insight into the inspiration behind each design!

Coruisk Ink Wallpaper 

Mairi Helena ‘Coruisk Ink Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’

Inspired by my trip to the deep moody waters of the Isle of Skye’s Loch Coruisk last August. I loved exploring this scenic part of Skye, and walking around Loch Coruisk right in the heart of the Cuillins. It was pouring with rain but this made for very dramatic skies and light! Perfect for wallpaper design inspiration!
Deep Loch colours mixed together with delicate lichens and foliage found by the loch side pathways.
Woodland Rider Wallpaper 
Mairi Helena ‘Woodland Rider Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
This wallpaper was inspired from many a walk through Scotland’s dense forests, all providing a woodland floor full of texture. I always think forest floors are a carpet of exciting discoveries! Look closely at this wallpaper and you may be able to make out a rider flashing by on a galloping horse!
Spirit of Munro Wallpaper
Mairi Helena ‘Spirit of Munro Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
This wallpaper is inspired by the true exhilaration and triumph of climbing a Munro, taking in the wild landscapes upon the ascent. My favourite Munros all lie in the Trossachs, Ben Vorlich is a pretty spectacular one.
Forest Light Wallpaper 
Mairi Helena ‘Forest Light Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
One of my neutral wallpapers – unusual for me! This particular design takes inspiration from a mesmerising ascent up a mountain path, with delicate, bare, twigged branches dancing in the crisp light.
Summer Isle Wallpaper 
Mairi Helena ‘Summer Isle Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
‘Capturing the wild beauty of the charismatic archipelago’. This wallpaper design is inspired by a trip to the Summer Isles last Summer. It was my favourite trip of the year as the weather was fabulous, we had lovey beach picnics and sunsets – there was colour everywhere. From the crimson skies to the unspoilt shorelines, bursting with foliage.
I’m hoping this wallpaper celebrates sunny scenes and provides a colourful cheer for your walls!
Lost Valley Wallpaper 
Mairi Helena ‘Lost Valley Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
Inspired by the dramatic scenes of Glen Coe’s ‘Lost Valley’, a hidden valley nestled within towering majestic peaks. There are few finer walking spots than Glen Coe…have you been?!
Cuillin Edge Wallpaper 
Mairi Helena ‘Cuillin Edge Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
A venture to the infamous craggy mountain range in the Isle of Skye, ‘The Cuillin’, where we were surrounded by bare jagged rock, towering ridges and steep silhouettes….
Wild Peak Wallpaper
Mairi Helena ‘Wild Peak Wallpaper’ from her new collection ‘The Explorer’
Capturing the colours while travelling through the pass of Glen Coe gave me inspiration for this particular wallpaper. I loved the drama of the peaks and valleys emerging through the stormy clouds.
If you have any questions at all regarding my new wallpapers then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you and which design is your favourite!
Until next time…

*This post, as well as my new Explorer Wallpaper Collection I would like to dedicate to our family dog Kirrie, who sadly we had to say goodbye to today at the grand old age of 17. Exploring Scotland’s landscapes was made all the better with him at our heels….