Talking Trends

I’ve always had a tendency to go out on a limb and do my own thing when it comes to styling interiors or creating new designs for my Mairi Helena textile collection. Perhaps this is due to stubbornness or simply just a determination to be different. An insistence on designing my own wedding dress or being the only vet student to wear purple wellies instead of green perhaps indicates this trait of mine well…

I’ve been excitingly surprising myself therefore, in how wrapped up I have become in finding out more and following the latest trends in interiors and textile design. So much so, that it’s inspired this latest post! So I thought I would share with you a few trends in colour and design which I have learnt about recently and how this could be applied when designing or styling an interior.

Paint Colours for Spring 2017

Farrow & Ball recently announced their key paint colours for Spring 2017 and I’m delighted to see some bold paint colours within their four chosen hues. Earlier this year I was asked by Amara’s Luxpad to put forward my predicted trend for 2017 and I replied enthusiastically with a my comment that

“In 2017 I think there’ll be a trend to move into designing your home in upbeat colours as I think people are becoming more colour conscious and increasingly aware of how this can affect the mood of the house.”

And so it was really uplifting to see Farrow and Ball also echo in their chosen key paint colours for Spring that we’re ready to embrace colour. I definitely think there’s going to be a trend to start to see homes being decorated in confident colour choices.

Farrow and Ball’s Four Key Colours for Spring 2017 are:

The vivacious ‘Radicchio’

farrow and ball key colours spring 2017

Image Courtesy of Farrow & Ball


The stylish ‘Studio Green’

farrow and ball key colours spring 2017

Image Courtesy of Farrow & Ball


The timeless ‘Hay’

farrow and ball key colours spring 2017

Image Courtesy of Farrow & Ball


The uncomplicated ‘All White’

farrow and ball key colours spring 2017

Image Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

I’m most excited by Radicchio as you may well expect, for it’s exuberance and charm, cosiness and romanticism, dashing style and sophistication.

So how can we use and interpret these colours for our own home? Well I’ve been creating a few interior mood board ideas to help get your interior renovating ideas flowing.

Mood board ideas for the home based on Raddichio….

mairi helena mood board ideas, interior mood board ideas, farrow and ball key colours spring 2017

Featuring our Mairi Helena Fine Art Pink Thistle Velvet Cushion

Mix with a touch of complimenting neutral grey linens (and I couldn’t resist adding the Mairi Helena Grey Tailor Thistle Velvet Fabric to go alongside)

Opt for a punchy warm velvet such as the poppy red plain matt velvet from F&P Interiors.

Kilmory Fabric from Osborne & Little adds tactility.

Mood board ideas for the home based on Studio Green…

There’s something very classically sophisticated about studio green which makes me think of a tranquil, calming space in which to retreat. Perhaps inspired by the outdoors and bringing the colours in, full of natural qualities. I immediately think woodlands and leafy tall trees. I wanted to add leathers, golds and a classy floor lamp to my mood board to help create that feeling of opulence yet authenticity.

mood board ideas for luxury interiors, farrow and ball inspired studio green, bringing the outdoors in

Mood board features Mairi Helena Summer thistle velvet cushion for it’s botanical vibes and rusty, copper tones.

Featured plain velvet bottom right from F & P Interiors as well as leather top left.

Featured floor lamp from John Lewis 

Mood board ideas for the home based on Hay....

mood board ideas for the home, farrow and ball key colours for spring, mairi helena designs, mairi helena blog, velvet cushions, interior inspiration

I created this mood board using inspiration from a fabulous fabric and furnishings online platform F&P Interiors who have a wonderful source of designer furniture, wallpaper, furnishing  and upholstery fabrics, lighting and accessories. I’ve also included my ‘Mairi Helena Grey Tailor Thistle Velvet Cushion‘ which can be seen bottom right of this mood board. This cushion is one of 12 designs, the full range can be found here!

Mood board ideas for the home based on All White…


mood board ideas for luxury interiors

Uncomplicated and refreshing. All White gives a perfect canvas from which to consider a carefully curated wall art, whether a solitary piece or a collection in the form of a gallery wall. Rise Art have an amazing collection of prints to choose from online. Consider a plain but brightly coloured piece of furniture like this jethou armchair featured above, fully customisable  from Add a bold print cushion to bring it all together. Mood board highlights our Mairi Helena Golden Blush Thistle Velvet cushion.


Crossing over to fashion

And my recent absorption of trends hasn’t stopped at interiors lately as I recently attended a Textile Trends Masterclass run by STLA. Here I became engrossed in trends in the fashion sector thanks to an informative talk by designer and creative business consultant Fiona Chautard. It made me realise that trends in fashion can be very closely linked to the interiors world. With themes such as dark renaissance, graphic geometry, crafted nature, botanical and utility luxe all acting as big category style contenders in fashion, I realised that there is a definite cross over into interiors with similar messages behind the design.

My favourite category has to be ‘Botanical’ of course, with its emphasise on floral appliqués and painterly look. It’s this genre that has inspired me when designing my prints onto textiles.

thistle scarf, designer thistle scarf, mairi helena, scottish design silk scarf, thistle scarves, made in scotland, gifts from scotland, luxury silk scarves

Above: Mairi Helena Fine Art Pink Thistle Silk Scarf

Which is your YOUR FAVOURITE?

So a round up of trends, what do you think? Which colour and style is your favourite? I’d love to hear! I’m plumping for the hot pink radicchio and becoming boldly optimistic for the future of bright, colourful interiors.


And I thought while we’re on the subject of mood boards….I’m delighted that my mood board below has been shortlisted by the F&P Interiors Challenge and is currently one of 3 mood boards up for a public vote! If the above post has triggered your interior inspiration ideas and the board below speaks a certain something to you, then I would love it if you would like to vote for my mood board by following this link! I’m ENTRY A! I’d really appreciate your support! Thank you x

mairi helena mood board, thistle cushions, velvet thistle cushions, mood board ideas, interior decorating ideas

Mairi Helena Mood board featuring my ‘Bronze Flush Thistle Velvet Cushion‘ using inspiration from F&P Interiors extensive range of wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings.

Until next time…