Are you a pattern lover but a little uncertain on how to add into your home? Worried about where to start? Perhaps you feel your home is lacking a little bit of inspiration or oomph? If so, then introducing pattern may just be where you need to start. Hopefully this blog post can introduce some ideas on how to add pattern into your interior. Whether an accent of pattern through the addition of a solitary statement cushion or throw or even a pattern loving wallpaper print.

Start off Small

Pattern doesn’t always have to be full on. Consider adding a hint of pattern with the help of a small accessory item. Perhaps this may be in the form of a lampshade, perhaps a blanket or a cushion or few.

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Mairi Helena Pink Thistle Velvet Feather Cushions 

Furniture by Charlotte James Furniture 


Pay attention to the scale of the patterns and mix it up. Try not to get lost in pattern matching….. This will help avoid the risk of your interior from looking really cluttered or predictable and boring. Mix up the stripes with florals, intricate detailed print with more fluid loose print.

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Foreground: Bed Throw in Mairi Helena Summer Thistle Velvet Fabric 

Hardwood Fifties Bench by Beba Home

Background: Cushion fabric by GPJ Baker

Wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries

Lights by Heathfield


Along with mixing the scale of patterns, mixing a variety of textural patterns can help to provide interest, depth and warmth to the room. For example, consider introducing texture through materials such as basket weaves, faux fur, cashmere, wools, ceramics and leather to name a few. Details within these materials can really help to add layers of interest into the room, for example the details within wood grain, stone or even a crushed velvet. Pattern does not always need to be obvious but introduced in hints and details.

mairi helena grey tailor thistle wallpaper, mood board

Mairi Helena Grey Tailor Thistle Wallpaper

Fabric Swatches from online wallpaper and fabric store Fabrics & Papers


Consider the space within an interior and try not to overdo it. Sometimes adding too much pattern can make the room look busy and restless. Always remember to step back and edit. Aim for a balance and allow the room to breathe. Sometimes adding a large, bold neutral accent like a sweep of solid material in the form of curtains or a large rug can help to neutralise the space.

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Photography and Styling Credit: Hannah Cork and HM Photography

Featured; Mairi Helena Fire Thistle Velvet Cushion and Fire Thistle Velvet Fabric as well as textiles from Harlequin

Rug by Front Rugs 

Furniture by Out There Interiors


Adding pattern to your walls can be achieved in many clever ways, including stencils, wall stickers, faux treatments as well as wallpapers. We often forget about the fifth wall in the room – the ceiling! Wallpapering the ceiling can create a wonderful statement! If you’ve chosen to wallpaper the ceiling in a detailed pattern, then remember to keep your walls of the room a plain solid colour (or white) so as not to overdo it!

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Mairi Helena Bronze Flush Thistle Wallpaper


Upholstery in a bold, statement print can create a real wow factor to the room. Whether a solitary impressive antique chair restored in a modern print, or a dining room set of chairs, upholstering in a beautiful rich print can be extremely eye catching and effective.

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Dining room chairs upholstered in Mairi Helena Summer Thistle Velvet 


I hope this has provided you with some clever ideas on how to introduce pattern into your own home and demonstrate that playing with pattern can be fun! I love how pattern can be so expressive Even with the smallest of hints, pattern in the home can immediately provide interest and depth to an interior.

Do you have your own ‘go-to-guide’ when looking to add pattern into an interior? I’d love to hear your comments!

Until next time….


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(Photography Credit: Douglas Gibb, Her Indoors)

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