A Georgian Townhouse with designer passion and flair  

Earlier this year, I went on the hunt for a vibrant and boldly decorated Edinburgh home in which to photograph my Mairi Helena cushions, lampshades and silk scarves. AirB&B served me well and my quest landed straight onto the palm of Tessa’s gorgeously decorated Georgian flat in the heart of Edinburgh city. I knew as soon as I saw her chocolate rich walls of her living room and sunny blue bedrooms that I had hit the nail on the head. (This is where these photos below were captured!)

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Seriously, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Edinburgh and are on the search for interiors with pizzazz, a touch of the bohemian, the most wonderful welcome and spacious, boldly decorated rooms…then I think I’ve just found you your place! A tour of Tessa’s flat reveals her very own wonderful magical and colourful canvas art work. Turn back the shutters and the bright Edinburgh light spills into the gloriously spacious rooms. A bunch of bright daffodils packs a punch of yellow in the kitchen. Ahh an interior decor after my own heart….

So I thought it would be great to share a few images of this fantastic Edinburgh home and B&B on my blog and to find out just a bit more about what provides the inspiration behind Tessa’s design style and love for interior design!

An Interview With Tessa

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MAIRI: What first sparked your passion for interior design?

Tessa: My interest was initially sparked when I bought my beautiful Georgian flat just over 2 years ago. I actually always wanted to use dark colours and went on the Abigail Ahern masterclass when still in London to see how they could work. Coming from an art background I have always been interested in transforming spaces and how art can dictate a room.

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Where do you get your design inspiration?

Abigail Ahern, Tim Walker, forests, Dennis Sever’s house, David Carter (went to one of his bedtime stories nights), travelling around Vietnam and the Middle East and Jeremiah Goodman.

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How would you describe your interior style?

Bohemian, different eras and styles clashing together.

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What do you feel are the 3 main successful ingredients when designing an interior for a welcoming guest room?

Layers of different textured cloth, warm colours, lots of lamps.

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What’s your favourite furniture or accessory find?

The Ligne Roset chair in the sitting room from our family home. It was forgotten in the attic.

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What did you love about living in Edinburgh?

The architecture  feeling like you’ve travelled far back in time. And all the wonderful independent shops. Pickles is my favourite cosy bar.

What advice would you give aspiring design enthusiasts?

Follow your heart, don’t follow trends, buy things you love and take the Abigail Ahern masterclass!

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So if you’re looking for a short break in Edinburgh, and fancy a stay in a Georgian Townhouse with an eclectic, original and wonderful interior flair, then I have found you your place – check out the link here, you’re in for a treat.

Thank you once again Tessa!