I’m often asked about the suitability of my Mairi Helena wallpapers for bathrooms (and kitchens!) So I thought I’d dedicate a little blog to show a selection of my wallpapers in situ in a variety of bathroom environments, which I hope helps to stimulate a few bathroom decor plans of your own!

I print on a coated wallpaper, which makes it suitable for applications in bathrooms and kitchens. With it being a coated wallpaper, it can be carefully wiped with a damp cloth.

For added protection when using wallpapers in areas of increased moisture, a wallpaper varnish such as JH Ratcliffe Glaze Coat can be applied. It is important to test a little area before application as it may affect colours. (I have not yet had any experience with the recommended varnish given that I print on a coated paper, but I wanted to share it as an additional option that can be applied).

Here are a few examples of bathrooms featuring my Mairi Helena Wallpaper which I hope triggers some wallpaper decor plans for your home!


Mairi Helena Summer Isle Wallpaper 

mairi helena summer isle wallpaper

Above: Mairi Helena Summer Isle Wallpaper

Inspired by the wild beauty of Scotland’s Summer Isles, my ‘Summer Isle Wallpaper’ is a perfect choice if you’re looking to add drama and colour to your bathroom. Mix with botanicals and fresh greens for an uplifting splash of Summer vibes.

mairi helena summer isle wallpaper

Above: Mairi Helena Summer Isle Wallpaper


Mairi Helena Highland Tundra Wallpaper 

Focus on textures and neutrals with the addition of my ‘Highland Tundra Wallpaper’. This wallpaper can beautifully complement natural tiles and create a very fresh look alongside white bathroom fittings.

mairi helena highland tundra wallpaper

Above: Mairi Helena Highland Tundra Wallpaper


Mairi Helena Whispering Bramble Wallpaper 


If you have a small bathroom space, then why not celebrate it and go all out with a bold, statement wallpaper. Spotted here is my ‘Whispering Bramble Wallpaper‘ which has been beautifully installed for a client by Nanette of Domus by Design who stocks my collection in Lancashire.

Mairi Helena Whispering Bramble Wallpaper

Above: Mairi Helena Whispering Bramble Wallpaper (photo credit: Domus By Design)


I hope that helps to provide several different ideas on how my Mairi Helena Wallpaper collection can be used to create many different bathroom interior settings. You can view the full collections online, including my Scottish Flora Wallpapers, Homelands range and Explorer collection where there is opportunity to request samples across the range.

If you have installed a Mairi Helena wallpaper in your bathroom or kitchen, then please do send through a photo, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time….