Decorating at Christmas

There’s something special about decorating the house at Christmas. I just love the excited atmosphere, tinged with both anticipation and nostalgia. Perhaps it’s just me, but I always get a warm, tingly feeling when unwrapping the baubles from their tissue paper year on year. Childhood memories flood in when hanging up the familiar Christmas tree decorations on the scented pine branches, and a bit of Michael Buble ‘I’ll be Home For Christmas’ always seems to floating about the air with its bubbly vibes.

Greenery deco ideas for christmas -4

I’ve been decorating our living room for Christmas on the theme of green thanks to Pantone’s colour team announcing “Greenery” as their Colour of 2017. Being a lover of bold design for interiors, I was thrilled to hear of this fresh, bright colour being thrown onto the scene to start the New Year ahead.

pantone colour of the year greenery

I was recently asked by Amara what my thoughts were on interior design trends for 2017 for their online magazine The LuxPad. At the top of my list was a prediction of a move to fresh, bold colours. With 2016 being a year for inky greys and charcoals, I firmly believe 2017 will see a move into designing your home in upbeat colours as I think people are becoming more colour conscious and increasingly aware of how this can affect the mood of the house. With greenery shooting into top place for 2017, I think we are seeing the start of just that!

And so I’ve taken this colourful news as a perfect opportunity to decorate on the theme of greenery for Christmas, ensuring plenty of lavish hues and botanical touches.

Here’s a few inspiration Christmas living room interior deco pictures based on greenery colour themes…


Christmas Tree Pine Art

christmas greenery tree art

 Mantelpiece Display

christmas mantelpiece decoration

Create a statement with a colourful wallpaper feature wall (pictured: Mairi Helena Harris Green Thistle Wallpaper)

A Handful of Holly 

christmas decoration ideas

Find a unique glass jar to place some Christmas holly to add a touch of the botanical in a subtle way

Luxury Dining

luxury velvet upholstery

Vibrant seat covers upholstered in Mairi Helena Summer Thistle Luxury velvet for some added colourful cheer!

Greenery in the Giftwrap

christmas gift wrap

giftwrap for christmas


Thank you Pantone and your uplifting colour choice of “Greenery” to help celebrate Christmas and set the scene for the colourful year ahead. You have given me reason to decorate our living room with botanical gusto.


Have a Happy Christmas everyone!