I love the versatility of textile print and how it can be applied in so many forms across interiors as well as into fashion. Alongside my velvet fabrics, cushions and wallpapers I also enjoy crossing over to the fashion world with my Mairi Helena Silk Scarves.

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Above: Mairi Helena Cobalt Blue Thistle Silk Scarf 

Supporting Smart Shopping

Last year on the blog I wrote an article on sustainable fashion and why we must look up to the fashion movement, following the global celebration of Fashion Revolution week. This was triggered by my concern with the way in which we are living in an increasingly disposable ‘throw-away society’. This disposable attitude to clothes is becoming environmentally damaging, not to mention exploitative. (Who watched the latest series of Blue Planet and were as shocked as I was with the way in which human waste, in particular plastic, are leaving a very concerning mark on the environment?!)

And so when it comes to ways to help with reducing environmental pollution, caused by over production and disposal then I am ALL EARS.

I’m sure we are all guilty of having one of not several items of clothes in our wardrobe that we don’t wear. How does this happen?! A splash decision perhaps? A lack of confidence in what suits us?

Colour Lover

For all those who know me, you’ll be familiar that I’m an avid colour lover. As much as I love designing with colour and applying it to interiors, it can be tricky to know what colours to wear and importantly, what suits us. I love blues, teals and flourishes of gold. But I always get in a dither over which one of my silk scarves I should wear? There’s always a debate between Cobalt Blue Thistle Silk Scarf and match with light whites and earthy blues. Or how about my Fine Art Pink Thistle Silk Scarf for a Summery flourish of rich pinks and peaches.

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Above: Mairi Helena Fine Art Pink Thistle Silk Scarf 


And so when I heard that local colour stylist business ‘Colour Elements’ had a nifty tool that could help us to smart shop based on the colours that suit us best of all, then I was intrigued to find out more!

Karen Finlayson, founder of Colour Elements, has used her expertise in classifying colours according to Aristotle’s elements to help identify a practical digital application for day to day use. She has come up with a fabulous digital app which helps us to identify and understand which specific colours will help us look our best! Simply by taking and sending in a selfie head shot via her Colour Elements app, the tool generates a colour profile unique to the individual! Hey presto! The app has literally generated a pocket-sized colour guide to take with you while you shop! No more wrong colour choices, less wasted and unworn items in your wardrobe, and you feel confident and fabulous in your clothes!

To see this in action, Karen has very kindly used her expertise to show some examples of using her app in relation to my Mairi Helena Silk Scarves.

Take my Cobalt Blue Thistle Silk Scarf for example. These colours will suit those of an ‘AIR’ ELEMENTS colour profile.


The colours of air element all have a gentle contemplative energy. In a world where there’s a pressure to do everything quickly, immersing ourselves in air element colours can have a therapeutic value. Seeing these colours in your interiors or wrapping yourself in an air element scarf can have that same calming effect.

And here’s another example, my Pheasant Tribe Silk Scarf, who’s colours suit those of a ‘FIRE’ ELEMENTS profile.


Fire is a dynamic energy that reflects and inspires action. If you want to create an interior or outfit which emanates fun and action then look for colours in the fire element colour bar on the Colour Elements app .

An effective and practical way in helping us to choose which colour of silk scarf will suit us best!

Find Out Your Colour ID!

Left intrigued and want to find out more?! Considering shopping a Mairi Helena Silk Scarf but not sure what colour way to choose? Debating going with Mairi Helena Pink Thistle Silk, a blue Puffin Flight Silk Scarf or a flash of the orange with Pheasant Tribe Silk?

**** Well here’s the good news as the team at Colour Elements have very kindly offered the chance to provide you with the opportunity to have a colour ID plus a Mairi Helena Silk Scarf recommendation based on the results, for £10 when customers use the code MAIRI! ****


Mairi Helena Silk Scarf Offer

PLUS for the month of January, to help us get into the spirit on long Summer days ahead, I have placed an offer on my Mairi Helena Silk Scarves!


To find out more about Colour Elements and the services which Karen and her team can provide to you, then check out their website at www.colourelements.com!

We very much look forward to seeing lots of lovely colour element profiles being generated! Get ahead with your Summer wardrobe!

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Above: Mairi Helena Puffin Flight Silk Scarf 

Let me know how you get on!

Until next time…..