Firstly, let me take you back to earlier this year:
March 12th: Photoshoot day
Location Edinburgh city – Leith docks to be exact
Temperature 7 degrees.
Weather: Windy. Cold. Scattered showers.
Overall wellbeing: shivering, teeth chattering, silk scarves not looking so summery!

Flash idea:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could do our photoshoot abroad…”

And that’s pretty much how our trip to France came about. A spur of the moment idea to bring my Mairi Helena silks scarf to Provence.

A notion, a whimsical idea, a moment of madness.

Because that’s what life is all about isn’t it…live in the moment and jump on a jet plane! Go with the flow and think about it afterwards! Something like that anyway.

So with our suitcases packed full to the brim, we set off with Pinterest inspiration board in hand, laden with our silk scarves, tote bags and colour picked summer wardrobe.

photographing in france

And it pretty much went like this:

Ryanair Flight Edinburgh to Marseille

Land in France. Temperature 35 degrees. Blue skies. Bingo.

Rental Hyundai sorted. 

Drive straight to the Luberon.

And make a beeline for the lavender fields. Verdict: glorious.

lavender fields french provence

Capturing photos in the French lavender fields is a textile photographers dream.

It’s pleasantly warm for a start. For one thing, you can photograph in a skirt and vest top and feel super slick. No wellies and puffa jacket on this photoshoot! The scent of lavender fills the air and seems to automatically takes away any photographic stress. The noise of crickets humming away in the background just adds to the exotic experience. The purple lavender heads, bursting with colour create an amazing blankety haze of bright violet to photograph against. The silk scarves easily float in the breeze and the printed silk designs pop against the blue skies.

lavender fields france photographing silk scarves

And what’s more, by escaping to the country, there’s very few people around to photo bomb your image. We did come across one couple amongst the lavender fields (I’m sure much to their dismay!) as next minute the guy was down on one knee, a shriek of excitement followed and BAM! We witnessed a wedding proposal! At least we were there to take their photo of course…

Photographing our Silk Scarves

So we photographed our Mairi Helena pink thistle and blue thistle silk scarves in the hazy lavender fields and accessorised with the green thistle and pink thistle velvet tote bags.

mairi helena silk scarves

We also had a chance to explore the picturesque villages of Bonneiux, Loumeriun, Menerbes and Lacose…and enjoy the fine French cuisine! An additional bonus.

luberon france fashion and clothing shops

photographing french cuisine

We found perfect doorways, harbours and colourful walls for our pheasant and puffin silk scarves. An abundance of rustic doors, winding streets and rusting railings.

mairi helena pheasant silk scarf scotland

puffin make up bag

scottish designer puffin silk scarf

There’s something about Provence….it’s magical, relaxing, authentic, pleasing, picturesque, beautiful.

photographing silk scarf collection mairi helena

Some lavender tips:

Recommend time to go to see the lavender fields at their peak: early July

Recommended lavender cuisine: lavender ice cream and lavender honey!

Recommended place to stay: Le Clos Les Eydins

french holidays in the luberon lavender fields

Recommended place to eat in Bonnieux: L’Arome Restaurant

eating out in Bonnieux france

In summary: Whimsical notions – yes, I can confirm they’re the best.

A huge thank you to Richard and Jenni for being their truly amazing selves, what a team! And to the lovely Amanda, our friend in Provence who’s kindness and hospitality is hugely appreciated – you’re one in a million 🙂 !

photography trip mairi helena to capture silk scarf collection

photographing in the lavender fields

If you’d like to check out the full Mairi Helena silk scarf collection and accessories, then head over to the Mairi Helena shop to take a browse!

I hope you enjoy!

mairi helena in france