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Liberty of London

Liberty London has to be my all-time favourite department store. It’s not very often that I find myself with the opportunity of a visit to the buzzing capital, but when I do, I ensure I make a beeline to the front door of the iconic store! And each time I visit, I’m left feeling truly inspired and exhilarated.

I mean just look at the shop front just as starters. Such a glorious, iconic building. No other department store can beat it!

liberty london

The windows alone are intriguing, smart, mystifying…it reminds me of the world of Harry Potter as I gaze eagerly into the shimmering glass panels, trying to get a sneak peak of the Liberty London world within…

Liberty London Mairi Helena-1

window Liberty London

Liberty Florists

The array of colour from the freshly cut Liberty London flowers at the entrance can’t help but lift your spirits.

Liberty London florist flowers

And then when you step inside, it really is like a magical world! So much colour, textiles, sophistication and style. Yes, I feel very much at home here!

Liberty Scarves

Liberty London textiles

It’s the attention to detail that gives the store it’s class. I love the way the Liberty scarves are arranged in neat colour wheels. Such classical style, they have it down to a tee.

Liberty London Scarves

The displays are so striking, artistic and mesmerising. I could spend all day on the ground floor leafing through just the Liberty scarves alone!

Liberty shop displays

Liberty London feature displays

But you’ve got to climb the wooden stairs and peer over the edge as you move up the levels, to get the full Liberty experience. Look up and your eyes follow the spiralling levels, look down and you can take in the buzz and colour of the level below.

Liberty Rugs

The rug section is like an Aladdin’s cave. Rugs galore! Pottery pinks, reds, ochres, the colours ooze opulence…so much to see.

Liberty rugs

Liberty Fashion

On to the fashion to take in the sophistication and style of denims, silks, sequins, linens, high heels…and a swift opportunity to try on a gold shimmery mini skirt…!…(I’m really just after any excuse to make a purchase in order to be given a Liberty of London shopping bag…! – well that’s the excuse anyway!)

Liberty London fashion department

Spotted! I LOVE these pictures in the Paul Smith fashion section.

Liberty London Fashion

Liberty Home

There’s something amazing in every corner you turn…

Liberty London gifts

…look at the brilliant pottery cul-de-sac discovery! I mean how cool….How brilliantly arranged.

Liberty Pottery

Liberty Interiors

But it’s the home interiors and fabrics that’s my ultimate favourite. Up and up I go to my favourite level…fabric heaven. Shelves of glorious Liberty printed textiles, swatch books, wallpapers and buttons. And this time I give myself the perfect excuse to browse through their portfolios given the fact that we’re decorating our first home!

Liberty London Printed textiles

Liberty Textiles

Liberty London Mairi Helena-21

Liberty Surprise!

And as I’m leafing though Romo Black Edition collection, I can’t believe my luck as when I look to my left – I discover it’s Frankie from this year’s Great Interior Design Challenge (who happens also to be wearing the most fabulous orange coat!!) It was so brilliant to chat to him in person and to hear about his positive experiences taken from the show. (Ahhh, I was such a rabbit in headlights that I forgot to ask for a selfie!!)

And so I take this as a sign to apply for next year’s series…because it’s obviously a sign, right?!

Studio Lambert here I come! Watch this space 😉

So if you’re thinking of a trip to London Town soon, then I definitely recommend a trip to Liberty’s. It’s where dreams are made of and your heart skips a beat in the anticipation of plans to come.

Liberty of London

If you have a favourite section within Liberty’s then I would love to hear! Please feel free to share your comments below!