It’s mid January and I find myself within a flurry of ideas, concepts, proposals and strategies for the year ahead. Bah humbug to Blue Monday!! I am on a mission of intentions and I have a feeling 2016 is going to be truly fab!!

My last couple of months have been brilliantly hectic, both on a business and personal note, with the combination of Christmas festivities, moving house and new jobs! But on top of this, I’ve also had the chance to concentrate on my designs and spend time thinking about the direction I’m looking to take into 2016. And I’m really excited about the New Year plans I have in place as a result!

So I thought I’d give you an update!


I’ve been bustling with excitement since the launch of my NEW LOOK website! An amazing way to start the New Year! A New Look! A Make Over!

A  Style Up to Mairi-Helena-Logo-Web

which combines my photographic portfolio of commercial and lifestyle images along with my previously named ‘Tangle Weave Designs’ home interiors and accessories!



In addition to my ‘new look’, I’ve also started the year with a NEW PROJECT for my photography! I am on the search for artists, designers and tailors who are based in Edinburgh to get in touch with me to be involved in an exciting development where I am looking to showcase the talent, workmanship and commitment behind Edinburgh makers! You may or may not know that this year is the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design! There are some amazing events scheduled around Edinburgh city which Visit Scotland and Event Scotland will be promoting throughout the year.

***Watch this space as I reveal more details of my project to follow***

I have received brilliant support through the amazing resources provided by creative groups in Edinburgh and so I’m really encouraged and excited about moving forwards with my project. I am very much hoping the City of Edinburgh Council back me with my application for support towards the activities…. I shall keep you posted!



I have also been busy researching and exploring my wall art and gifts range and I have some exciting new proposals to move forward with into the New Year.

COLLABORATION, DESIGN EXPLORATION, RESEARCH and TRAVEL are words which spring to mind when I look at my design board!

I have some brilliant  opportunities to develop a NEW HOME INTERIORS DESIGN RANGE FOR 2016 and I can’t wait to get started with this. So keep your eyes peeled as Mairi Helena updates and revamps! If you’re looking for sleek, sophisticated, bespoke, luxury designs, then watch this space as I move my designs forward!

Mairi Helena M


Having moved house just before Christmas, I am also super excited about the prospect of renovation plans, interior styling, mood boards and home make overs. I am looking forward to sharing the journey by posting regular blog updates of our knocking down of walls, painting pandemoniums, plastering and interior decorating.

So starting from this week, I have given myself the aim of blogging AT LEAST ONCE WEEKLY on the topics of PHOTOGRAPHY AND INTERIOR DESIGN. Whether that be printing techniques, interior styling exploits, photography adventures, home accessory creations or generally just learning experiences, I hope that 2016 makes for an interesting read!

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