Tucked quietly at the entrance to Loch Creran on the West Coast of Scotland lies the island of Eriska, an island abundant in wildlife and flora and fauna. There’s something very magical about visiting any island I always think, especially if it happens to be on the West Coast of Scotland. But when an island is the home of a majestic hotel, this unique magical quality seems to soar into immeasurable levels.

isle of eriska hotel

Photo Courtesy of Isle of Eriska Hotel

I’m just back from a long weekend staying at The Isle of Eriska Hotel, thanks to a fabulous family reunion within the grounds of the hotel. Three days to soak in the beautiful surroundings & interiors, enjoy fabulous company, sumptuous cuisine, music, laughter and a splash in the spa.

isle of eriska visit scotland

Scotland’s scenery and abundant flora and fauna as you probably well know provides me with ongoing fresh inspiration. The Isle of Eriska is no exception and is home to such an abundance of textures, colours and wildlife, it’s a haven for coastal colour lovers like me.

isle of eriska, visit scotland

On my short time on the island I spotted seals, red deer, herons to name a few. I hovered around ‘Otter Point’, hopeful with my camera lens but although no luck this time for me, sightings of these ubiquitous creatures on the island are certainly not few and far between.

isle of eriska visit scotland

I just love Scotland’s moody skies and the way the changeable weather casts beautiful light across the grounds. It’s this light that creates punchy, powerful colours that I find so uplifting and find continue to influence my textile designs.

The Isle of Eriska Hotel was our home for the weekend to a party of near to 50 relatives to help celebrate a special birthday.

isle of eriska hotel, visit scotland

A location extra special to the occasion thanks to the discovery that my family Scott Morton woodwork can be found throughout the interiors of the hotel. And talking of interiors, what a fabulous display of both traditional within the main hotel and contemporary in the stunning Isle of Eriska Hotel Hilltop Reserves

isle of eriska hotel

Photo courtesy of the The Isle of Eriska Hotel 

These unique hilltop reserves will propel you into a sense of pure indulgence, deep delight and relaxation.

A magical place for a memorable event. Vibrant music and healthy laughter. Beautiful interiors and family heritage. Moody skies and dramatic light. Boat rides and croquet fun and games. Relax and unwind overlooking a picturesque skyline. Exquisite food to awaken the senses. It’s for all these reasons that my weekend at The Isle of Eriska will be recorded with me with wonderful family memories.

isle of eriska hotel, visit scotland

isle of eriska hotel

Sometimes time to write a special blog post just needs to be taken to help the memories live on….

isle of eriska hilltop reserved

Photo courtesy of the The Isle of Eriska Hotel 

isle of eriska hotel





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