In my opinion, Scotland’s dramatic landscapes, textures and colours are fantastically spectacular and memorably captivating. In particular Scotland’s West Coastlines, where the colours of the clear blue seas, the crispness of fresh air and unspoilt far-reaching beaches are something very special. They certainly stimulate my creative juices, the colours and textures of which play a key influence in my textile designs. If an opportunity heads your way to visit Scotland and in particular Scotland’s West Coast then grasp it with both hands. Whether it’s an opportunity to spend several days, a fortnight or simply just a weekend, I can guarantee it will leave you refreshed, inspired and enthralled.

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Whether you jump on the Caledonian MacBrae ferry from Oban to Craignure on the Isle of Mull, head to the turquoise seas of Iona, search the boundless beaches of the Outer Hebrides or enjoy the enchanting landscapes of Luing, a few days spent on Scotland’s charming islands are days never forgotten.


And when you’re there, perhaps you’ll paddle the waters and let the sand slip through your toes. Perhaps you’ll bike a bit, walk a bit and cycle off the beaten paths. Whatever activity you choose to absorb the sights and smells of Scottish island life, I can guarantee you’ll be creating colourful memories.

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SO Here’s 5 uniquely spectacular ways to enjoy Scotland’s Iconic West Coastlines

Sketch a scene next to the lapping waves

There’s no better way to capture memories than putting pen to paper and documenting the scene in a unique art work. Discreet details of the landscapes suddenly leap out and colours and textures of the landscape become interpreted in a completely different light.

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Spring on Isle of Luing-85


Beach combing for your home

You can’t beat a bit of beach combing, you’ll never know what you’ll find! There’s something very fulfilling in giving a weatherbeaten, washed up find a new lease of life. Perhaps you’ll come across a perfect stone for a candle holder or rope for a doormat!

Spring on Isle of Luing-97

Spring on Isle of Luing-32


Throw a Cocktail Party on the shore

Sipping cocktails is sheer delight at the best of times. But sipping cocktails on the shore line ‘al fresco’ style takes it up another notch. And of course dining in style with stylish elegant glasses such as those from the LSA new specialist gin collection makes the whole experience feel super sophisticated. Grab your bottle of Rhubarb and Ginger Edinburgh Gin (my favourite tipple!), a few of those groovy party paper umbrellas for a bit of fun, throw over a table cloth and watch the sun set over the waves.

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LSA Gin Coupe Glass on the right and Gin Highball on the left from LSA New specialist Gin collection

And of course you can keep the cocktails flowing into the night….

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LSA High Ball Gin Glass

Spring on Isle of Luing-112

LSA Coupe Gin Glass


Barbecue on the beach (and don’t forget the wine!)

Ah the delights of having a barbecue on the beach. The smell of the smoke, the noise of the waves, chomping on crisps while you wait for the sausages to cook. Glass of vino in hand and you’ve got it in one!

exploring scotlands west coast


Photograph textures to make into stunning wall art and interiors 

Scotland’s landscapes, textures and colours are a key inspiration behind my designs at Mairi Helena textiles. I love to capture details and create them into vibrant, bold prints for luxury fabrics, velvet cushions and feature wallpapers. Scotland’s landscapes really does allow your creative imagination to run free!

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Mairi Helena Velvet Cushions from her Scottish Thistle range!

You can visit my full collection by browsing my online shop!

My Inspiration:

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From ‘al fresco’ dining with cocktails to a spot of sketching to beach barbecues, Scotland’s coast lines are inspiring, uplifting and delightful.

I’m now on a mission to island hop the Scottish West Coast and record it, photograph it, write about it and most of all, enjoy it!

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USEFUL RESOURCES FOR PLANNING A TRIP AWAY TO SCOTLAND’S WEST COAST – a wonderful collection of specially chosen quirky places for those with a soft spot for glamping!


Until next time…

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