Majestic. Picturesque. Iconic. Rugged. Textured. Unspoilt. Heritage. Authentic. Rustic. Organic. Quality. LONGEVITY…..

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Just some of the words which spring to mind when thinking about my Scottish landscapes. It’s no wonder that the textured beautiful surrounding flora and fauna have come to play such a key role in my surface print design label ‘Mairi Helena’.  My location has not only influenced my textile designs but also helped to carve the ethos behind my brand and the way in which I wish to portray my print label. After all, if you can build a business that rings true to your values and that you’re passionate about and allows you to celebrate your landscapes, then surely you’re on to a winner.

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Scotland for me plays a large part in the promotion of my brand image and story behind a collection. And I’m not the only one.
Whether it’s captured in the wrapping or in the imagery, an influence to the weave, a major player to the product story, in the name, the flavour or the design, there’s something about Scotland that gets under the skin of many entrepreneurs!

scotland iconic landscape mairi helena photography

I wanted to share with you 8 Scottish brands who share my passion for Scotland’s landscapes, colours and textures. And most of all it’s story telling.

scotland iconic landscape mairi helena photography



Contemporary Scotland Brands Trakke Bags

Photo Courtesy of Trakke 

Glasgow based Trakke make beautiful understated bags that are very much designed with quality, longevity and style firmly in mind. Handmade in Scotland, Trakke’s product range not only provide stylish wares for the everyday traveller but their brand story is equally as luring, with Scotland’s authentic landscapes playing quietly in the background. Here’s a Scottish based product brand showcasing a fabulous contemporary range of backpacks, messenger bags and duffle bags for those adventurers who seek (in my mum’s favourite phrase) ‘roads less travelled’.

contemporary scottish brands trakke bags

Shop the Trakke Collection 

Trakke Bags contemporary scottish brand

Photos Courtesy of Trakke


Kate Davies DESIGNS

kate davies designs inspired by scotland

Photo Courtesy of Kate Davies Designs

If you love Scotland, love photography, love yarn and design then you’ll love Kate Davies Design for sure. Based in the Scottish Highlands, writer and designer Kate Davies Designs products and brand ‘live and breathe’ Scotland. Kate produces the most beautiful knitwear designs from her yarn, creating a portfolio of luxurious scarves, haps, mittens, hats, cardigans and more all inspired by her passion for the Scottish landscape and textile history.

inspired by islay kate davies designs

Inspired by Islay By Kate Davies

kate davies designs inspired by scotland

Photos Courtesy of Kate Davies Designs



isle of eriska hotel

Photo courtesy of Eriska Hotel

Described as a ‘jewel in Scotland’s West Coast’ this award winning Isle of Eriska Hotel sits within the beautiful unspoilt Isle of Eriska landscapes and offers relaxation, luxury and beautiful interiors. A perfect base from which to explore, or perhaps otter spot or simply just to relax and unwind from one of the hotels new Luxury Hilltop reserves and take in the panoramic views.

isle of eriska hilltop reserved

Check out this amazing offer that the Isle of Eriska Hotel is offering on their Hilltop Reserves, on bookings made between March and June!

isle of eriska hotel

Photos courtesy of Eriska Hotel



Bute Fabrics contemporary scottish textiles

Photo courtesy of Bute Fabrics

Based on the scenic Scottish Island of Bute, Bute Fabrics are producing the most wonderfully naturally inspired fabrics worldwide. With the fabric design influenced from the islands natural colours, textures and patterns, the fabrics are bold, detailed yet wonderfully contemporary. Woven on the handloom in the heart of the island, Bute Fabrics are designed to withstand the test of time.

Bute fabrics

contemporary scottish textiles

Photos courtesy of Bute Fabrics



Knifes and Pots

Photo courtesy of The Kitchin

Scottish Cuisine at it’s best. The Kitchin, a restaurant with a focus on ‘nature to plate’. A delivery of Scotland’s finest and most uniquely enticing, invigorating food delivered with passion and a drive to represent Scotland’s freshest seasonal produce and larder. Based on Edinburgh’s Leith waterfront, this finest restaurant delivered by the renowned Tom Kitchin, boasts Scotland from the interiors to the delivery of the mouth watering menu to the fine food on the plate.

Knifes and Pots

tom kitchin restaurant

Photos courtesy of The Kitchin


Laphroaig Whisky from the Isle of Islay

laphroaig distillery scotland

Quote a “A Big Peaty Slap in the Face. Perfect.” by John Campbell, Distillery Manager at Laphroaig Whisky on the Isle of Islay. I saw this quote on the wall of Laphroaig Whisky distillery itself when on a tour a couple of weekends ago of their impressive set up. I loved the tour, not only because I got to enjoy a wee dram or two(!) but also because I had found another brand who’s story telling and ethos remains firmly within their roots of their Scottish landscapes. The characteristic earthy taste to which Laphroaig single malt Whisky is renowned for stems from the island itself – the smokiness from the peat (which to this day is still hand cut), the sweet nuttiness of the barley and the heather perfumes from Isle of Islay’s streams.

laphroaig distillery scotland

laphroaig distillery scotland

Isle of Skye Candles

skye candles scottish luxury brand

Photo courtesy of Skye Candles 

A fabulous, family run business producing beautiful fragrances, handmade on the Isle of Skye. Set up by founder James, the story behind Skye Candles is a fascinating journey, not only because of it’s growth and success from Portree to worldwide but also because of it’s commitment to natural products, contemporary Scottish branding and focus on sustainability and helping the planet.

skye candles scottish luxury products

Above: Skye Candles Matches  Below: Raspberry & White Ginger Candles

scottish luxury scents skye candles

Photos courtesy of Skye Candles 


Mairi helena

mairi helena bronze flush thistle wall covering, scottish designer, edinburgh interior blogger

Mairi Helena Bronze Flush Thistle Fabric and Wallpaper

Oh and then there’s me…. founder of emerging textiles, wallpaper and interior surface design label ‘Mairi Helena based in Edinburgh, offering high-end luxury home accessories for interiors.  My designs are very influenced by my surrounding Scottish landscapes. I look to fuse textures and layers to produce abstract surface prints with a luxury fine art feel. The print collection includes velvet cushions which combine texture and lavish print, along with a range of bold wallpapers and colourful lampshades as well as velvet and linen fabrics by the metre.

Mairi Helena luxury Scottish fabrics for interiors-161

Mairi Helena Summer Thistle Velvet Fabric


So there we have it!

EIGHT brands, EIGHT unique stories but ONE uniting passion:

Scotland’s landscapes & HERITAGE are at the core of their story telling.


All brands that I admire for their story telling, their image and their championing of an ‘Authentic Scotland’ in both a subtle yet excitingly contemporary way. Whether it’s a influence on design, a flavour, a flash of colour on the product packaging or a powerful image, it’s all helping to put high quality Scottish design, taste, fashion firmly on the map! I’m thrilled to be joining your journey.

Until next time….




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